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Quick start
Remittance guide

1.Download and open our iOS or Android app

2.Enter amounts to be sent or received

3.Verify your identity. Please prepare ahead your personal and address information as well as identity documents.

4.Add information about the receiver.

5.Check your remittance order and then click “confirm” to complete.

Which currencies can EarthRemit accept from me for remittance?

EarthRemit currently supports USD, HKD and CNY.

Validation problem
What kinds of information and documents do I need to prepare for making remittance?

Personal user:

Identity proof document

1) National identity card

2) Travel document 

Address proof document: (it must be in your own name)

1) Utility bill, tax bill, bank statement, credit card statement 

2) Issued within 3 months

3) Clearly show your name, address, issue date and issuing institution 

Mainland Chinese & Taiwan clients:

Resident card, driver license, tenancy agreement, Chinese identity card (it can only be used as either identity proof or address proof but not both), bank statement, credit card statement, real-name-registered phone bill, and letters issued by government departments or financial institutions.


Company Account:

1) Certificate of incorporation

2) Articles of association

3) Valid business registration

4) Latest annual return of a company/registration form of a new company/certificate of authority (issued within 6 months)

5) A government permit to engage in a regulated trade

6) Identification documents of all directors

7) A photo of an employee holding a company registration certificate or a valid business registration certificate at the company counter

How long does it take to complete the identity verification process?

Under normal circumstances, this can be completed in 5 minutes.

Working hours for verification (Monday to Friday: 9 am to 6 pm)

Remittance problem
How can I pay EarthRemit for making remittance?

You can pay to us via bank transfer or e-wallet.

How long does it take for my remittance to reach the designated account?

After receiving your remittance order, we shall at once confirm the details with you.

Afterwards, we shall process your orders and then the remittance shall reach the designated account in as quick as a few minutes. The time required depends on the payment method chosen. Payment made by wallet is usually instant while bank transfer takes longer time. When setting up your remittance order, you shall be told about the time required for different payment methods.

How is the fee determined?

It largely depends on the originating country. When setting up your remittance order, you shall be told about the fee involved.

From and to where can I send money?

Please refer to the "Rates and Services" page.

How to make payment to EarthRemit for remittance purpose?

Please deposit the required amount of money to our designated bank account from the account in your own name.

What is available balance?

After opening an account with us, we shall open a dedicated e-wallet for you. You can make bank transfer to your e-wallet for making remittance in future. This is a more convenient and quicker way for you to remit money.

USD Remittance Question?

Q: Where can I send money in US dollars?

A: Only US dollars are accepted from Hong Kong banks.

Q: What is the amount?

A: Remittance amount.

Q: Cash, personal account or company account?

A: APP only accepts CHATS or Cheque.

Q: The source of funds and the purpose of remittances?

A: The bank statement and remittance purpose of the Hong Kong bank need to be provided.

Q: Is KYC verification required?

A: Customers need to submit complete relevant supporting documents. Personal: proof of identity and address. Company: company certification documents.

Operation related
How will EarthRemit deal with my fund if my remittance order is unsuccessful?

We will deposit the fund to your e-wallet. You may either use it for remittance in future or request us to pay back this fund to your designated bank account.