Compared to a typical bank
Sending 10,000 HKD Rate Fee Recipient gets
Cheapest 0.91 50 HKD 9,054.5 CNY
Save up to 215.3 CNY
should arrive in 30 minutes
Typical bank 0.906585 250 HKD 8,839.2 CNY
215.3 CNY
should arrive in 1-4 days
*The above information is for reference only.
Global Remittance
Transferring fund across the border reliably
Remitting anytime and anywhere with mobile app
Invite friends
Earning as your friends remit through us
How it Work?
Opening account
Initial account setup with documents provided
Making order
Provision of remittance details
Depositing fund
Funding of your remittance order
Completing order
Remittance shall reach the destination
Purposes of remittance
Obtaining insurance cover easily
Real estate
Buying property smoothly
Immigration & Overseas business
Remitting to satisfy your new needs
Studying abroad
Saving remittance cost for education budget
Overseas investment
Grasping opportunities swiftly
Overseas company profit
Saving excessive bank charges
Capital to the overseas company
Providing corporate fund timely
Settling invoice, deposit, commission, etc.
Why EarthRemit?
Website, mobile app or other channels supported
Sending money around the globe quickly
Swift settlement
As quick as T+0
7/24 fund monitoring
Customer reviews
Simple, fast and law-abiding
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Sending money anywhere in the blink of an eye.