59-year-old worker accidentally fell into virtual asset investment scam and lost more than 1.6 million yuan


One after another, members of the public fell into the online virtual asset investment scam. The victim this time was a 59-year-old factory worker. The police said that the victim received a message from a scammer on the communication software WhatsApp earlier. With the instigation of the other party, the victim invested more than HK$1.6 million through a fake online virtual asset platform (coinsilium.ls-bit.com).

As with other investment scams, the scammer first casts the bait, allowing the victim to make a small profit. In the first two "investments", the swindlers first let the victim earn and cash out nearly HK$20,000. The victim saw that it was profitable, believed it to be true, and invested more and more.

When the victim wants to withdraw the so-called "return" later, the scammer asks the victim to pay a "withdrawal fee" of about HK$350,000. The victim suddenly realized that he had been deceived and had to call the police for help.

Source: ON.CC