Bombing party online shopping cheats expensive goods, 9 men and women are arrested and involved more than 2.7 million


Since February this year, the police have received more than 10 online shopping fraud cases in various districts of Hong Kong, Kowloon and the New Territories, each involving an amount ranging from HK$50,000 to HK$600,000, with a total of more than HK$2.7 million. Tsang Hsien-chiu, Senior Inspector of the Criminal Headquarters of Hong Kong Island, pointed out that the investigation showed that the fraudulent syndicate contacted the sellers of expensive items on the online trading platform, and then pretended to be buyers and falsely stated that they intended to buy the items. After negotiating the price, the fraudulent syndicate will meet the victim for a face-to-face interview. Before the settlement, the member will deposit the expired cheque into the victim's account, making the other party mistakenly believe that he has received the money, so he hands the item to the fraudster . However, after being processed by the bank, some cheques were "bounced" because some of the cheques were bad cheques, or there was not enough money in the chequing account, and the money was returned to the victim's account, and the buyer was deceived.

Source: ON.CC