Citizens will be able to exchange new design 100 yuan banknotes tomorrow morning


A new hundred-dollar note will debut tomorrow. The HKMA and three note-issuing banks from HSBC, Standard Chartered, and Bank of China announced that they will launch a new series of HK $ 100 banknotes from 2018 onwards. Citizens can go to the branches of each bank to exchange new banknotes.

The 100 yuan new note is designed with the theme of Cantonese opera. HSBC is composed of scholars and young ladies in the garden. The Bank of China is based on the girl in a boudoir style.

Chen Delin: Citizens can line up at the bank tomorrow morning

The HKMA held a publicity campaign for the new $ 100 bill at the Xiqu Cultural Centre's Xiqu Centre this afternoon. The Chief Executive of the HKMA, Chen Delin, said that he particularly likes the $ 100 bill, because Cantonese opera is a unique local culture in Hong Kong and a cultural heritage in China. He also smiled and said that citizens are interested in going to the bank early tomorrow and coming in close contact with new banknotes, it will be easier to appreciate the beauty of its design.

Gao Yingxin, vice chairman and president of BOCHK, said that Cantonese opera has many character shapes, but Hua Dan is the most prominent. The design can show the unique charm of Cantonese opera. She Huiyi, the chief executive of Standard Chartered Hong Kong, pointed out that the horse and the princess are a pair of young Cantonese opera actors, who want to bring out the spirit of heritage and innovation in the Cantonese opera industry. HSBC Hong Kong Chief Executive Officer Shi Ying Yin said that a couple in the garden, the picture is not only warm and elegant, but also closely related to life.

In addition, new banknotes of HK $ 50 and HK $ 20 are expected to be issued in early 2020. At present, new banknotes of HK $ 1,000 and HK $ 500 have been launched for circulation.

Source: HK01