Mainland businesswoman pleaded laundering 1 billion yuan, sentenced to 5 years in prison


Liu Sujun (34), a mainland businesswoman who runs a computer sales business with her husband, claims to come to Hong Kong to open a bank account at the request of her brother. The account handled more than US $ 136 million (approximately HK $ 1,067 million) in criminal gains during the 12 months from 2015 to 2016. She pleaded guilty to one of the crime proceeds in the High Court of First Instance today (28) and was sentenced to 5 years in prison.

The court heard that a Czech company received a fraudulent call in September 2016, and the other person pretended to be the company's chairman and instructed the victim company to remit 997,000 euros (about 8.75 million Hong Kong dollars) to Hong Kong. The victim company was found deceived the next day after the remittance and reported to the Czech and Hong Kong police. The Hong Kong police tracked the flow of fraudulent funds and found that the money was circulating in different accounts, including a Hang Seng Bank account opened by "Xingxinhong Trading Co., Ltd." The defendant, Liu Sujun, was the sole shareholder and director of Xingxinhong Trading, and the sole authorisation of the account. Signatory. The police found that between September 16, 2015 and September 29, 2016, the account had a record of more than 1,000 deposits, amounting to about 136 million US dollars; there were more than 1,300 withdrawal records, the same amount was 136 million US dollars. Most of these deposits are transfers, and there are local and local accounts between China and Hong Kong.

The defendant was arrested when he came to Hong Kong on January 13 last year. After her arrest, she said that her brother Liu Zongwei had asked her to open an account in Hong Kong for her business purposes. She then came to Hong Kong to open an account with an unknown man on September 16, 2015. After completing, she gave her bank card and online banking device to an unknown man. She believed that the other party would transfer it to her brother. She said she was unaware of her brother's business. And now she acknowledges that she knew or had reasonable grounds to believe that the money circulating in her account was a criminal benefit.

The defendant continued to emphasize that she trusted his younger brother when she asked for it, so she listened to his instructions to open an account in Hong Kong. She did not directly participate in money laundering, nor benefited from it. However, the judge quoted her background confession, saying that she had been doing business with her father since her teens and did not believe she knew anything about the crime plan. The judge believes that her participation is not low, the amount involved is huge, the crime plan is well-organized and organized, and it lasts for 12 months and involves transnational factors. Considering the above factors and the defendant pleaded guilty to 5 years in prison.

He Ruijuan, Chief Inspector of Police Commercial Crime Bureau, met with the media after the verdict. She pointed out that the case involved cross-border crimes and involved multiple company and bank accounts, so the police needed to spend a lot of time searching for evidence and analyzing information to determine the flow of stolen money. The police investigation is still ongoing and will continue to track the whereabouts of other members of the criminal group, including the brother mentioned by the defendant in this case. He refers to the court's sentence, which reflects the seriousness of the case and is believed to have a deterrent effect. She urged the public not to use personal registration to make their hukou available to others.

Source: ON.CC