Remittance Fairyland | Men Kok Money Changer Exchange $ 10 million


Mong Kok suspected a theft in a money-changer. On Friday (3rd), a man accompanied two strange intermediaries introduced by a friend to a money changer in Portland Street and remitted 10 million yuan in cash to a casino in Macau. However, the store said that the exchange amount was too large, and the two sides decided to return 1 million yuan after discussion. However, the entire process was almost negotiated by a bewitching intermediary. The two suspected that when the victim left for a moment, they asked the store to refund 2 million yuan. They successfully hid the sky and stole the 1 million yuan in cash in just a few minutes. The police are following the incident.

The spot is a money-changing shop at No.163-173 Portland Street. According to the news, the male surnamed Huang (age 38) had introduced 2 remittance intermediaries through the introduction of a friend. At 5 pm yesterday, he brought 10 million yuan in cash and a group of 3 people went to the location to change the store. Full remittance to 1 casino in Macau. However, the store said that the remittance amount was too large, and the maximum remittance was only 9 million yuan. After discussion, the two parties agreed to return 1 million yuan.

It is understood that the entire process was almost negotiated by two intermediaries. During this period, the male agent once left for a moment. At this time, the intermediary secretly told the money exchange staff that the remittance amount of 9 million yuan was changed to 8 million yuan. They remitted money together without any risk of fraud, and then returned an additional 1 million yuan. After the cash became a baggage, the two confusing intermediaries left immediately, and the process only took a few minutes.

At about 7 o'clock last night, the male victim realized that the amount of money was insufficient and returned to the money-changing shop theory before revealing the incident. However, the two intermediaries had disappeared and disappeared. He immediately suspended the remittance and called the police. Police investigations in the early hours of today (4th), and read the CCTV footage to understand that the case is temporarily classified as "theft". The criminal investigation team of the Mong Kok Police District is pursuing the investigation of the two intermediaries aged about 30 to 40 years old. .

Source: HK01