New York State Department of Health seeks more than HK$12 million from Hong Kong company in case of electrical fraud


The New York State Department of Health filed a complaint with the Hong Kong High Court yesterday (12th) to sue two Hong Kong-registered companies. The Department of Health said it was involved in an email scam earlier, with losses amounting to US$30.689 million (equivalent to approximately HK$240 million). Among the lost funds, approximately US$595,000 (equivalent to approximately HK$4.66 million) and US$1 million (equivalent to approximately HK$7.84 million) were deposited into the accounts of the 2 companies, so the 2 companies were required to return the money and the 2 compensation by the company.

The plaintiff is the New York State Department of Health, and the defendants are Hill Star Limited (hereinafter referred to as HS) and Yingtaisheng Trade Limited (hereinafter referred to as YT) registered in Hong Kong. According to the complaint, the plaintiff was involved in an email fraud case earlier, with losses of about $30.689 million. The plaintiff deposited the funds into the bank account of a company named Premier Orthopedic Solutions Inc (hereinafter referred to as Premier) from March 31 to April 1, 2020, and then transferred it to a company named Hong Kong Murphy Trading Co. . Limited (hereinafter referred to as HKMT) bank account in China. Later, Premier found that the incident was a fraud, but failed to stop the transfer. The company reported the incident to the Hong Kong police online on April 5 of the same year.

The plaintiff stated that it later found that from early May to mid-September last year, HKMT's accounts had US$595,000 and US$1 million deposited into the Bank of Communications and Bank of China accounts of HS and YT, respectively. The plaintiff now requests the High Court to issue an order that the two defendants return the two sums of money and make compensation.

Source: ON.CC