Change shop was dropped, and the South Asian Corps robbed the proprietor and three staff members.


The South Asian Corps' crimes are endless. After intelligence analysis and in-depth investigations, the police found a criminal gang targeting money changers or employees in Yuen Long. At about 7 o'clock last night (21st), the police found that 4 South Asians wearing masks were wandering outside a money changer in central Yuen Long with suspicious signs. During the exchange, the male owner and the female employee named Long (54 years old) stepped out of the store. Four South Asians stepped forward to rob and pushed the male owner down first, causing his elbows and left knees to be abraded. He stole his rucksack; at the same time, the gangster also wanted to rob the female staff's handbag. Due to her fierce resistance, the gangster failed to get his feet and fled.

Subsequently, the police arrested three South Asian men (16 to 20 years old) suspected to be involved in the case on Hongye East Street, more than 100 meters away from the crime scene. Two of them were Nepalese and one was Pakistani. It is reported that All three have Hong Kong identity cards. The police returned the male proprietor's rucksack to the Pakistani man. Only his personal belongings, including a wallet and a mobile phone, were contained in it. The total value was not more than 9,000 Hong Kong dollars. The police believed that the gangsters thought that the male proprietor and the female staff members would leave the money exchange shop, and they might carry a large amount of cash. Therefore, the offenders were arrested. The three suspects will be detained overnight. The police do not rule out that more people will be arrested later catch.

Yu Yangde, Acting Chief Inspector (Criminal) of Yuen Long Police District, appealed to the public if he or she passed the Yuen Long Central Bridge area and witnessed the incident or had information about the people at large who were at risk. . Initial investigations revealed that the three suspects had no triad background. As for random or premeditated crimes, further investigation is needed.

Source: ON.CC