The gate of a Tsuen Wan remittance shop was sprayed with red oil. The proprietor said there was no grudge and the motive was unclear.


At 9:06 this morning (23rd), when the female proprietor of a remittance shop on the ground floor of No. 122 Hoi Pa Street, Tsuen Wan, returned, she found that the iron gate of the shop had been splashed with red oil, so she reported the incident to the police for help. Law enforcement officers arrived at the scene to investigate and classified the case as "criminal damage." The suspect's motive remains under investigation. According to the female proprietor, Mrs. He, they have been in business for 20 years and moved to the previous location for about 5 years. They have always been in peace and harmony. She also said that she has no grudges with anyone and does not know the cause of the incident.