Mong Kok Squad Unit detains 2 men and women involved in 30 million yuan exchange money fraud


Police received a report from a 37-year-old man on Friday (10th), stating that he had previously met two men through a friend's introduction, and the other party lobbied them in April, claiming that they could exchange currency at a preferential exchange rate. To run a business, you often need a large amount of cash to exchange, and I am very excited to hear about the discount. Then on Thursday (9th), I transferred more than RMB 34 million (converted to HK $ 39.1 million) into 4 designated money changer accounts in accordance with instructions. .

The other party promised to remit more than 5 million US dollars (converted to 39.24 million Hong Kong dollars) to him. Later, the male subject also received the relevant remittance slip, but found that the remittance slip was suspected forgery, and he was unable to receive the relevant money, and was surprised to be deceived So call the police. The Hong Kong Police classified the case as fraud and the matter was investigated by the Mong Kok Squad.

On the same day when the victim remitted RMB 34 million to four money changers, a woman went to one of the money changers at 84-86 Des Voeux Road Central in Central and told the staff that she had remitted about 34 million RMB and presented the relevant remittance slip, withdrawing approximately HK $ 27.25 million in cash. The other day (10th), another man went to a money changer at 372 Portland Street, Mong Kok, and also told the staff that he had completed a remittance of about RMB 34 million and tried to withdraw about $ 11 million. When the staff of the money changer shop saw the man's expression and suspicious behavior, he immediately reported to the police. The police arrived at the scene and successfully arrested the man named Li (25 years old). Following in-depth investigations by the police, a woman with a surname of Huang (64 years old) was arrested in Wan Chai yesterday (11th). Two people are being detained for investigation.

The police believe that this is a single incident. No group-related crime was found to be involved for the time being. They are still investigating the reason why the two men locked the money exchange shop and do not rule out more arrests.

Source: ON.CC