2 million remittances missing, money shop owner arrested


The daily limit for Hong Kong people to remit money to the mainland account is 80,000 yuan. Hong Kong people who are eager to remit huge sums of money often entrust some money changers commonly known as "underground money houses" to remit money, but there is no legal protection. Some citizens have fallen into the law because of remittances. A money changer shop in Mong Kok, which was solicited for free of handling fees, received a large number of remittances commissioned by customers, but the relevant money was unknown, and the amount involved was close to 2 million Hong Kong dollars. Although some of the victims were refunded part of the money, there were still more than 20 victims who did not receive compensation and reported to the police. Police confirmed that at least 4 cases of help were received, and a 55-year-old woman named Chen Xuanchang was initially arrested on suspicion of "theft".

The money-changing shop involved is located at Baixiang Building, Shandong Street, Mong Kok. Earlier, it attracted a lot of citizens to remit money at a more favorable RMB exchange rate and free of handling fees. Many customers commissioned money-changing shops to exchange tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of RMB. Then remit money to the mainland account, but when I checked the mainland account, I found that the money was inexplicable.

Although the owner has returned some of the money to the victim, there are still more than 20 customers who have not been compensated and the money involved is close to 2 million Hong Kong dollars. It is reported that a large number of bitter owners surrounded the money exchange shop yesterday to recover the losses. The 55-year-old owner, Chen Nu, claimed that the bank account was frozen in the Mainland and was later taken away by police.

Police sources pointed out that at least 4 related requests were received yesterday. After a preliminary investigation, the 55-year-old woman named Chen Xuanchang was arrested for "theft". The case is being detained and the case is being referred to the Mong Kok Police District Criminal Investigation Team. Advance.

Source: Ming Pao