Police arrested two men detained by counterfeit money syndicate


The Tai Po Police District received multiple cases of counterfeit banknotes in recent months. From January to February this year, a total of 5 cases were reported in Sham Shui Po, Tsim Sha Tsui and Tai Po. Counterfeit banknotes. In the case, there were three sets of counterfeit banknotes with the same numbers, respectively counterfeiting 500 yuan banknotes issued by Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation, Bank of China and Standard Chartered Bank.

On February 25 this year, the police received a report that a case of the use of counterfeit banknotes occurred in the Tai Po Police District. Two men took a short taxi journey in the Tai Po District and used a fake 500 Hong Kong dollar bank note from Hong Kong. After paying the fare, the driver found out that it was a counterfeit bank note.

According to the information of the police, in the early morning of February 28, it was found that one of the main persons involved in the case, along with another man, charged the staff a protection fee at a shop in the Tai Po District. After the suspect's appearance, the police immediately launched an arrest operation. The search operation was launched on the same day and yesterday (February 29) for two consecutive days, and two people aged 23 were arrested for using counterfeit banknotes and coins and extortion in Tai Po District. And a 32-year-old local man suspected to be connected with the six cases mentioned above.

During the operation, police officers seized 11 500 yuan counterfeit banknotes, and the case is still under investigation. It does not rule out more arrests.

During the investigation, the police found that the suspects usually committed the crime at night, thereby taking advantage of the dim environment to enhance the chance of success. The police hereby remind the public that they should pay attention to the anti-counterfeiting characteristics of banknotes during transactions to avoid falling into the trap of counterfeit banknote fraud.

Source: HKET