How to send money to Singapore?


Singapore and Hong Kong have close ties. In addition to the more Hong Kong people in Taiwan in Asia, Singapore is also a popular place. Apart from the similarity of local social culture and Hong Kong, it also has a more complete education and medical system. And how to send money to Singapore?

We are very pleased to have started the Singapore remittance service. As always, you only need to provide the recipient name and Singapore bank account. You can send your money to Singapore.

Remittance fee?

Typical bank: about HK $ 200

▶ EarthRemit: HK $ 50

Requirement for remittance?

▶ The sender KYC passed the verification

Recipient's name

Recipient's bank and account number

▶ Purpose of remittance

How long does it take to send money (T/T) at EarthRemit?

You can arrive on the day before 2pm.

After 2pm., it needs to arrive on the next day. (Saturdays, Sunday and Holidays: Can only arrive after the holidays)

Remittance limit?

You can only send a maximum of SGD 480,000 per day.

For more information, please contact our customer service.