Man suspected of having stolen 4 million yuan of remittances, police chase two men


The police received a report from a man named Chen (34 years old) at 11 o'clock last night (12th), accusing him of bringing 4 million yuan in cash to a money changer at the ground floor of Anda Center, 65 Mody Road, Tsim Sha Tsui East. After leaving. Soon, the other two men stepped up to the address and claimed to be the friend of the huge money holder, and then withdrew the money.

After a preliminary investigation, the police placed the case in the theft and handed it over to the Criminal Investigation Team of Yau Tsim Police District to follow up, and traced the whereabouts of the two men involved. According to on-site news, the money-changing store in question was only opened for more than a month. The shop was formerly a real estate agency company, and the owner did not have any remittance documents. The money-changing store was empty.

Source: ON.CC