Fanling man robbed money changer with knife


A money change shop in Wo Fung Street, Fanling, at 8:34 this morning (September 1), a female staff member at the site returned to raise the iron gate. When preparing to open for business, a man about 20 to 30 years old followed Then, the female staff member was pushed into the store, and a sledgehammer was displayed, claiming to have robbed her and opened Jiawan.

The female staff immediately resisted, but was injured in her hands during the struggle with the culprit, and the culprit flees in fear of failure. The female staff immediately rushed out of the store to call for help and called the police for help. Police officers arrived at the scene to investigate and initially believed that there was no loss of property at the money changer, and the female staff did not need to be sent to the hospital after receiving bandaging care. The police temporarily robbed the case and the Criminal Investigation Team of Jiao Tai Po Police District followed up.

According to the report, a robbery also occurred on Hefeng Street on Tuesday (August 25). Two thieves robbed a jewelry store with knives and hammers. After exploding the decoration cabinet and looting 4 plates of gold, they boarded a private car and fled along Lianxing Street. After counting, the jewelry store found that the two thieves had robbed about 1 million Hong Kong dollars. gold.

Source: ON.CC