6 South Asian knife robbers in Tsim Sha Tsui stole over $ 10 million in cash


The South Asian Corps committed another crime. At 5 pm today (20th), two men in black dragged a gray baggage bag suspected of containing more than ten million yuan in cash, passing through the foe table at Nos. 22-26 of Miandeng Path. At that time, six South Asians rushed out, robbed with a sharp knife, snatched the luggage carrying cash, and fled south of Chatham Road. The two victims were unwilling to chase after them, chasing off Nos. 11-15 of Chatham Road South. The gangsters suddenly slashed the two victims with their swords. They sat on the ground with their heads bleeding. The gangsters crossed the south of Chatham Road and fled to the Tsim Sha Tsui East Public Transport Interchange. The passers-by saw the alarm and some enthusiastic citizens came forward and handed paper towels to the wounded to apply blood stains.

The police arrived and searched for the robbers in the vicinity. Unfortunately, they closed the scene and investigated. Two wounded were taken to the hospital for treatment after being bandaged. A pair of red sneakers, a disconnected luggage handle and a rucksack were left at the scene of Minden Path, while a pool of blood stains and a folding chair were left at the Chatham Road South site. . Police officers seized a gray luggage bag, a mask, a face mask and a stack of cash on Chatham Road South footpath off Tsim Sha Tsui East Public Transport Interchange, and seized a handful in a cross lane between Wing On Plaza and Shangri-La Hotel. Sharp knife and Salisbury Road outside Wing On Plaza found a pair of gloves.

Initial investigations revealed that the culprits opened luggage bags at the Tsim Sha Tsui East Public Transport Interchange, transferred huge amounts of cash to other bags, and fled to Salisbury Road. They escaped by taxi. It was reported at the scene that the two owners were the owner of the shop, and it was not ruled out that the gangsters had already learned their whereabouts and waited for robbery.

The South Asian Corps has committed crimes, and has committed numerous large-scale robberies in the past. In September this year, two men of Indian descent from a money changer in Hung Hom escorted a total of 5.16 million U.S. dollars and Hong Kong dollars to Tsim Sha Tsui. About five people were masked in South Asia while waiting for minibuses at Ma Tau Wai Road minibus stand. The thief beat up with a stick and a fist from behind, snatching the rucksack containing the huge sum of money.

In May of this year, a man carrying a large amount of RMB went to a money changer in Hung Hom to redeem 4 million Hong Kong dollars in cash. He left with a huge rucksack and was robbed by two South Asian bandits on the way. One gangster cut and injured the victim's left foot, and another robbed the rucksack and ran away. Shop staff and off-duty police officers assisted in the pursuit. One Indian man holding a street paper was uniformed and the other escaped. Two rucksacks, a beef knife and all lost money were recovered at the scene.

Source: ON.CC