"Bank clerk" borrowed ten million preferential loans, woman was defrauded by two million


At an office in Nanfeng Commercial Center, 19 Linle Street, Kowloon Bay, a female surnamed Chen (57 years old) made a report yesterday at 2 pm yesterday, claiming that a man and a woman had received a call earlier, each calling herself a bank. Staff and intermediary company employees can provide Chen with about 10 million Hong Kong dollars in preferential loans, each requesting Chen to remit about 1 million yuan to a local account to prove his ability to repay; Chen is not fraudulent, and deposited twice as instructed After about 1 million yuan, they failed to contact the two men and women, suspected of being cheated.

The police arrived at the scene. After preliminary investigation, the case was conspired to defraud. The case was temporarily followed up by the criminal investigation team of the Yau Tsim Police District. The case is being investigated in depth and the whereabouts of the men and women involved are being investigated.

Source: ON.CC