Use the red -cricket residence as a base for criminal group to clean 6 billion black money. 9 people were arrested involved in the case


According to the intelligence survey of the middle of 2022, a criminal group suspected of cleaning money was locked, and found that the group members rented a large housing estate unit in the Hongyu area as the operation center. Some of them often went in and out of the unit. The whereabouts are doubtful. It is believed that the group members of the group have handled about HK $ 6 billion in suspicion of crimes through individuals and names in their names. After the investigator surveyed in -depth wealth, he saw the timing of the time. On the 5th of this month, the code -named "Bee Net" was launched. "Money washing" arrested 3 men and 6 women (39 to 68 years old), and they have been approved for release.

The arrested men and women were suspected of opening 36 individual accounts and 21 companies in 17 local banks from January 2020 to December 2022, and used accounts for more than 7,600 transactions to receive approximately HK $ 6 billion. Among them, of which The transaction objects include 800 third -party hukou and more than 2,000 companies, with a maximum transaction value of 31 million yuan. Because of the nine arrested men and women, six reports were unemployed, and the remaining 3 people reported that they were called insurance brokers, businessmen and company managers. They did not have a property in their names. It is reported to be engaged in food, metal materials, import and export and trade business, but after investigation, it is confirmed that they are "empty shell companies". The financial background of each person is not commensurate with its account transaction.

The number of household registration trading is frequent, and the funds are "coming into the fast out". They transfer each other in a short time in a short time. During the operation, law enforcement officers were ambushing outside a store in Hongzheng District. They found that two group members of the group went to the withdrawal of withdrawals, and then returned to the operation center unit. cash. The two men and the other four women were arrested on the spot, and the other two local women and a local man were arrested in North Point and Dawei. I believe that the arrested people include the group's main brain, backbone and grassroots members. In a criminal group, a total of 16 million deposits have been frozen in each person's name. Later, they will apply to the Property of the Department of Justice to charge the property, which will not rule out that more people are arrested.

The group involved in the group is carefully divided. Among them, the 56 -year -old female brain often stays in the unit. I believe that responsible for the daily operation of the operation center, arrange to remit the money to the same area to find a store, and transfer members to find a store to withdraw a large amount of cash. Household registration so that cash is further treated. Other members are responsible for renting the unit involved, handling the logistics operation of the unit, transporting cash, and using the personal interpersonal network to deal with black money. Money origin.

During the operation, 3.9 million yuan in cash, 2 banknote machines, a large number of third -party hukou bank cards, books, company seals, computers, telephones, banks, and company documents. Attempt to conceal the source of funds involved. In addition, investigators also found that a group member had set up personal savings accounts at 4 banks within 10 days. The relevant account opening model was extremely unusual. The bank also stopped transportation in the second half of 2021. Investigators pointed out that the criminal group did not hesitate to work, and used the strict security of large -scale housing units, convenient transportation nearby, and bank branches and other geographical advantages, quickly cleaning money and increasing the difficulty of law enforcement. The law enforcement department will continue to cooperate with the banking industry and regulatory agencies to crack down on everything to wash everything Black money crime.

Source: ON.CC