No measures to prevent money laundering risks Money changer in Mong Kok nailed


A money changer in Mong Kok claimed that the account was frozen by mainland public security, causing the whereabouts of many customers' remittances to be unknown. The Customs arrested the female proprietor yesterday on suspicion of violating the "Product Description Regulations" and found that the store did not take reasonable measures to reduce the risk of money laundering. Suspension of its business license.

At least 20 sufferers remittances to the Mainland through a money changer at Shandong Street in Mong Kok last month, but the Mainland account has not received any money, involving an amount of more than 2 million yuan. Many victims reported to the police on the 18th last month. Police The 55-year-old surname Chen, the owner, was arrested for suspected theft. It was reported that a bank account in the Mainland had been frozen by public security, claiming to be innocent, and several customs had also received help, and then investigated further.

The Customs said yesterday that the money-changing shop was suspected of making false claims to customers, stating that the money would be remitted to the customer's designated bank account, but then failed to provide related services, suspected of violating the "Product Description Regulations" and arrested the female proprietor yesterday. , And later granted bail pending investigation.

The spokesman also said that the money changer was suspected of violating the provisions of the Anti-Money Laundering and Terrorist Fund Raising Regulations and failed to take all reasonable measures to reduce the risk of money laundering and terrorist fund raising. Customs officers issued it on the 24th of last month. Written notice to suspend its money service operator license.

Source: Sing Tao Daily